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2006-04-27 - five a.m.

I'm tired again today. My husband's mom called us at 5 a.m. to tell us she was going into surgery for her diverticulitis. She'd been in pain since Tuesday and didn't tell us because she didn't want hub to be upset for his upcoming finals. Thoughtful, yes. But c'mon, we're family! (His mom's an angel from heaven.) Anyway, she had surgery early this morning and is recovering well, it wasn't as bad as they thought. She's been through so much stress lately, 5 weeks ago her mom died, then last week her dad died, so now hub has no more living grandparents. It's all so very sad. This has not been a very uplifted year so far, what with our loss the beginning of the year... All this death...

We're hoping the year will start to get better soon.

I'm thinking August would be nice, since (hopefully) we'll both have earned our degrees by then.


Now on to the funny stuff...

THANK YOU for the hilarious suggestions for hub's name! I still can't think of anything. So I asked him what he wanted to be called and he said, "Python Boy!" And I groaned and rolled my eyes at him and laughed. "No! Seriously! What do you want to be called on my 'new' diary?" He couldn't think of anything, told me I was the clever one.

So the search continues. See, he's tall and Nordic-looking. His ancestry stems from Denmark, Scandinavia, Germany. Blonde, blue-eyed, level-headed and cool as fuck, he's a Virgo. I'm like an acorn, I'm small and brown, crunchy, see? It's just not coming to me, so for now he's Hub, but I don't like how that sounds.


As for my upcoming "masterpieces", dude, I need to get a digital camera for that. Otherwise, I won't have anything for you for months on end. I still have pictures I need to develop from our trip to New Mexico early Jan.


Got this in the mail today. Interesting stuff. I look forward to new music from artists I love. Seeing as how Fugazi probably won't ever put anything out again, at least not for a long, long while. This makes me sad.


I made this dish tonight, only I use the corn bread recipe on the Aunt Jemima corn meal package (it's the best) instead of Bisquick, and instead of taco seasoning, I toasted and rehydrated my own dried chilis to make my own chili paste, MUCH better. Oh, and I don't use those fried onions, I just chopped some scallions and put those in the corn bread with the shredded cheese. It's so GOOD, I grew up on this. (My mom made it the traditional way. I grew up on packaged taco seasoning.)


Well, the last load of laundry has been done for probably about 30 minutes, now. I should go get it, but it's OK if it gets wrinkled a little because it's only towels and sheets. Oh wait, there's a pair of the Hub's pants in there, whoopsie daisy!


PS Thanks for being understanding about my hiatus, y'all. Thanks.

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