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2006-05-01 - perfect blue>grey>black sky

God, I can't believe it's already the month of May. The time just flies by, now-a-days. Pretty soon, it'll be June. Then July. Then August. And so on and so forth.

I heard the most beautiful song yesterday as I was working on homework until the wee hours of the night and I apologize for not making it available for your immediate listening pleasure in the form of an em pee three because I'm lame and lack the knowledge to do such a thing.

Anyway, it's Perfect Blue Sky by Junkie XL.


Amor's mom is home! She's feeling OK. She had all these dietary questions, quite a few of them, actually, when I called her early evening. She said she didn't talk to a dietitian before she left the hospital, and I am utterly appalled by this fact. They must have slacker d!et!t!ans at that hospital or something.


I talked to Amor very briefly tonight, he's having a blast, sort-of. He's also having to spend a lot of time working on his finance homework, it's kicking his ass. His stupid phone. I miss him.


Fucking KICK ASS --------> I finished all my homework about 30 minutes ago to my wonderous suprise. I actually got done with my work-work before lunch and worked on school-crap then and afterwards until my stupid class, which turned out to have an unprecedented shortened duration (that we have to sit in those weird, swivel chairs with plastic arm rests and pink fabric.) So I came home and worked on it some more and now I'm finished! Now all I have left is 1 final to study for, which I won't do until SUNDAY because I don't fucking care! Wow.

Now what to do with the rest of my night...

I know I'll be watching Craig at 12, I love him.

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