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2006-06-09 - torso lightbright


Basically it's all about survival and not pissing off your loved ones, and loving the one. Loving your love.

Un-scheduled drinking was had tonight.

That, and dancing while holding a wine-glass full of German wine, and then having 56% of it spilled on yourself by your husband, and then having to not let that .... not let that...

Not let that matter. Not let that piss you off.

It did for 1.8 minutes. Then it was let go. Like Frou frou.

Then we talked about it and how Amor is a fucking bad ass on the dancefloor and so am i.

The word submit comes to mind.

People submit to me on the dancefloor.

No negativity.

I don't try to make them do this. It just happens. I am a fucking beautiful creature, I listen to the music, I fucking AM the music, and people sense this and leave way for me.

It's always been like this. Even at my first concert ever, the Revolting Cocks, I was given my prime real estate of dancefloor.



I'm keeping up with the jogging.

I'm keeping up with the vegetables.

I'm keeping up with the recycling.

I'm keeping up with the laundry.

I'm keeping up with my pro-paper.

I'm keeping up with writing a weekly letter to my mom, via real-mail.

I'm climbing the mountain.


Maybe we'll see that @l g0re movie tomorrow. It's supposed to be eye-opening.


I haven't talked to Francis in over a month. I had this dream about her the other night.

We were talking on the phone and then we realized we were in the same car together and didn't realize it before. As I turned to realize it was her sitting beside me, I tossed my cell-phone aside, as so did she, and we embraced.


More proof that fucking cell phones are evil.


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