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2006-06-18 - summer girl

I've found that my irritations and irrationalities in regards to my anger are directly in synchronization with my frustrations with school and my prof, who will rot in hell...soon. Not that when I'm done with school will this whole anger thing be gone, that would be nice, but I'm expecting things to get a lot more peaceful with my personal constitution. Is that a good thought? Am I on the right path?

Basically what I'm trying to say is that sometimes I take my frustrations of school out on Amor. (But the past 2 weeks have been really nice with the 2 of us.)

As far a school's concerned, things have been good this past week. I had a meeting with the prof Tuesday and "all" of my paper was scrutinized by him and suggestions were posted in black and white, sort-of. There was some pencil in there, too. Whatever.

So I'm taking the next 3 days off work to really work on these things. (I've already done a little bit tonight.)

He never really said whether he'd be available after July 7th, which is the official last day of the summer 1 session. I flat-out said to him, "Will you be available after July 7th for us to do some wrapping-up?" And he never really gave me a straight answer, the putz. I don't think he thinks I'll really be able to pull this off. My paper's pretty bad. We'll see - I'm going to turn in my second draft Thursday, please, please God make it happen.

See, I didn't start grad school again to write a fantastic professional paper. I went into this to finish what I started and quit 7 years ago. It would have eaten me alive for the rest of my life. The fact that I hadn't finished when I was so close to the end would have festered inside me. I just know it.


How 'bout that US/Italy game?

How 'bout Brasil?

We went to a "pub" Saturday to watch the game on a plasma screen TV and it was fantastic. I was screaming. Amor was screaming. It was insane! I didn't know I was that crazy about soccer!

I love it.


So far this summer has been great. Amor and I are working on our Ibiza bodies for sure! Yoga all around for me.

We both fixed our bikes OURSELVES and have been riding them like crazy. Amor changed out his chain, I changed my tire and cleaned my chain. Basic maintenance that we didn't pay some dumbass to do. DIY kicks ASS.

Plus we've been to the beach once already - last Sunday. It was so nice, doing what humans have been doing for thousands of years: lying on the warm sand, listening to the waves and the seagulls, feeling the cool, humid breeze with the one you love beside you blocking your sun. How can you top that? Move, Amor! I'm trying to get a tan, here, ya hump!



Becky's girl-chihuahua got stung by a scorpion last night. She's OK, she didn't die, but it was freakin' scary! Heidi (the chihuahua) was having some breathing problems right after she got stung and so Becky took her to the pet ER. What can you do? They gave her a shot of antihistimine and a steroid shot. Some dogs, if allergic, can die from a scorpion sting. I was amazed at how little information was readily available on the internet on what to do in this situation. It was really scary, I thought we were going to lose Heidi. She's the sweetest little dog in the whole wide world. She weighs five and a half pounds.


All that, PLUS azaya (Anneliese) called me yesterday to talk and also to let me in on the best way to yell at your kids when they are in the middle of the street riding their bikes and a bus is coming.


I'm a summer-girl.

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