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2006-06-19 - everything starts with an e

I can feel it.

When the caffeine starts to enter my brain cells everything gets brighter and sounds become more clear.

I slept in a bit today since I'm off work the next 3 days to work on my paper.

Days that it rains - it seems harder to wake up mornings. It's flooding right now in Houston.

I dreamt last night I was shaving my head. I had this weird old razor and only got through half my hair. It was liberating, but I'd cut myself in a few places, which hurt a tiny bit.

Amor's having anxiety dreams lately about his school stuff. We're both supposed to be done in August, but I've got an A-hole for a professor and Amor's the world's worst procrastinator, so maybe this won't happen for the both of us.

I'm not trying to be negative, really. This is just the way things are.

Would it be that bad? December instead of August? That's just 4 more months...4 more months of anxiety dreams and bitching and moaning.

I'm tired of complaining about school.


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