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2006-06-21 - thinking thoughts number fifty seven

I wrote this last night/this morning at 2 a.m. but dland was acting up or something and I couldn't post it...


I say...

Working on the pro-paper the second time around is still a pain in the ass, but the sense of panic is about 85% less. And I'm not losing sleep over it. I want to turn it in (again) Friday.

I've utilized these past 2 days to the fullest, feeling VERY GOOD about taking the days off work.

Plus you know what God did? Made it rain like hell for 2 days so's I don't feel like going outside to play. I really felt/feel like staying inside and working on the damn thing.

I'm still bitchy and taking it out on Amor, but it's not as brutal as before. It's much more mild and is extremely short-lived.

I tried meditating this morning before I got up out of bed. I've never tried it before. liquid-mojo sent me a link to some mind-expanding literature, so thanx for that, dude! Anyway, I looked over my thoughts, is what I did, for about 15 minutes, and tried to breath in and out slowly so that the knot I usually have in my stomach worrying about stuff (stuff = EVERYTHING) dissipated somewhat. I was lying on my stomach. I tried to think about why I was thinking.

It was actually very relaxing and started my day off peachy-keen. I must try it again tomorrow...


Pro-paper specifics:

Basically I have to re-write about 12 pages, but I have a new word-recipe given to me by the A-hole prof. I've redone 4 charts/tables (which I will use for the 12-page-rewrite).


Then I have to add on to one of the sections that I really skimped on, and I knew I skimped on, so this is expected.

Plus I had to look up a few more journal articles. Big deal.

I still hate school.


Francis got me addicted to #57.


Oh, and I haven't forgotten about my painting ------> it's just been moved to the back burner until I get things more squared away with this whole grad school thing. I actually started one on my own, a few weeks ago. It's of a welder, actually. But no kittens. I'm going to give it to my dad if it doesn't turn out like crap. It was supposed to be a Father's day present.

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