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2006-06-23 - the shredder

Ok, let me think about what's happened the past 2 days...

Wednesday night, after working on my paper until the wee hours of the night, and pumped up with caffeine, I only was able to catch a few hours of sleep.

Thursday at work was a sort-of hell, but only because I was so tired. The work, eh. My job's easy.

I got home around 3 and immediately crashed until 6 p.m. You know me ----> I NEVER take naps.

It was the death-sleep. Difficult to pull myself away from.

But anyway, so I started working on the bitch again and didn't stop until 4:30 this morning.

But then once again, sleep eluded me and I only got about 45 minutes of sleep last night....

BUT I FINISHED THE SECOND DRAFT OF MY PAPER! And I turned it into my prof this morning before work.


But I still have to re-do the tables, reformat them and shit. I'm doing that this weekend and will turn them in Monday.

The prof now has 70 pages of crap to enjoy this weekend. So now it's the wait-and-see game, what changes the A-hole has in store for me. Redo this or that. Get it done. I have to say, this second time around was much easier than the first. The first time I worked almost every day for a month. This time I crunched all that work into 4 days. Yeah, it was more intense.


Amor told me when I started grad school that I'd get into the swing of writing the paper, get over the fear, and actually start to enjoy the work. Well, the first 2 things happened, but I feel that I'll never actually start to enjoy the process of writing the paper. I guess some things in life you just have to endure, because of a greater cause.

That greater cause is my MS degree.

And the one thing standing between me and that degree is this stupid pro-paper. Damn it to hell.


Now on to the cool stuff:

Amor got me a shredder! I've wanted one for years, you know, for credit card applications. We get TONS of them in the mail, and every day after checking the mail, I sit on the couch and ritually open each envelope and carefully tear up the application and the part that shows our names and address. A pain in the ass!


I got my hairs cut today. I rock. It's another boy-cut, only this time I have this sort-of point the bangs come to in the front, or I can swing them off to one side or the other. And he tapered the back, really short. It feels nice.


I'm all loopy today because of the lack of sleep. I was saying funny stuff all day and people were laughing at me. I love it. It's like free drugs.


Today my caffeine intake has included: my morning tea (Twinings english breakfast, steeped 8 minutes with splenda and unsweetened soymilk), a diet coke (I never drink soda - what's wrong with me?) and a sugar-free red bull.


It's raining again today. Despite my lack of sleep, I felt up to it when Amor asked me if I wanted to go on a bikeride with him. Now I'm not so sure the rain will let up...

5:16 p.m.

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