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2006-06-24 - when's the last time you went headbanging?

It's Saturday morning, almost noon, Amor's asleep still, I slept 9 hours last night, and I just had the perfect breakfast.

Fresh carrot, ginger, apple juice, a home-made granola bar, home-grown cucumber slices, and my tea.

I'm ready to re-do the tables for my pro-paper after I finish dicking around here.


In my entry from yesterday, I forgot to give Amor his props:

Hey Amor! Thanks for all the mental and gastronomical support you gave me this week while I was workin on my pro-paper. Brain food? You know what that means. Like water on a duck's back? You know what that means when it comes to my random, short-lived outbursts of frustration. Thank you. I love all the top-of-the-head kisses you gave me. Do you like the smell of the top of my head? Sick-o.


It's amazing what got neglected this week. The recycling has really stacked up under our sink.

Well, that's not really amazing.

I'm retarded.


Dude - there's this M0T0RHEAD coverband playing tonight. A friend of a friend is the guitar player. We're so there. I feel like I need a good head-banging session. I WANT my neck to hurt for the next 3 days.

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