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2006-06-30 - sit down (12:07)

Speaking of Ultimate, pan-opticon, can you tell me what ďultimateĒ is? You keep talking about it, and in reference to your bum knee, and I have no idea what youíre talking about. Maybe I whitelie a bit Ė does it involve a Frisbee? A magical Frisbee?


Anyway, Iím having a great summer, are you? Amor and I are trying our best to frequent the beach as much as possible. Iíve got a great tan, so far. I crisp up nicely, quickly.


I tried to rent Nothing tonight, a decent American sci-fi film, but wouldnít you know it, the sonsofbitches had no copies at the video store. I hate retail crap.

Whereís cactus? I miss Cactus. I feel lost.


Also, Iím just waiting for my prof to get back to me re: my 2nd draft. Thereís nothing else I can do.


Heya, What the fuck is up?

I think that people (you?) who read my diary donít like profanity. Few peopleís diaries I read on here really practice profanity on a regular basis. OK maybe I could write without profanity, but thatís not how my brain operates. Iím constantly spewing forth profanity. I even tone it down, in here. Really. Does that mean Iím going to hell? I liked talking about blue balls. Itís a phenomenon when a dude doesnít get to come when heís fiddling around with a cock-tease. OK? It sucks. And itís a fact of life. Weíve all experienced it at one point in our lives. Really.

Please feel free to elaborate, if you feel so inclined. You will not get chastised. This is a free, uh, speech, uhÖÖÖÖ. feedom rulz.

I get paranoid that when I donít get comments - that means that Iíve pissed you off. Does it????? Itís my last interest to piss you off. Believe it or not, I really like validation via my comments section. I admit that. OK, I admit that. Iím a choad. I donít know if you like me or not unless you leave valid, truthful comments in my thingy. Please? Donít say something unless you mean it, and you have my ultimate permission to be negative or chastising. Iím open to that. Really.

I have a confession:

Iím drunk and emotional. And also, Iím afraid that people hate me when I update when Iíve been drinking. Donít hate me, please. Iím drunk and emotional. Sit down.

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