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2006-07-04 - Happy 4th of July

I'm drinking my home-made bubble tea, but it's not quite right. I think I undercooked the tapioca pearls and understeeped my tea.

I got caught in a downpour exiting the grocery store today after I got off extremely early from work today. For dinner we're having bratwurst (it was the only weiner-type meat I could find that was made from non-hormone sources) with large rolls I'm going to slice in half to resemble hotdog buns. Amor's making his famous cajun coleslaw with pecans. I've got some sangria in the fridge setting up. Plus, I'm about to make some lemon bars, except I'm using limes because we have some we need to use up before they go bad. Being American kicks ASS! Let's see, we're having food from the following countries of origin: Taiwan, Germany, Spain, and Louisiana. (That's not really a country, Acorn. I know, Acorn.)

We've been making the sangria with apple, orange, lime and mango. I think the citrus is key. Also, cutting it with raspberry C@nada Dry is not so bad.


Also, in related news of escaping the hum-drum of every-day life, I've been entering this every day. I suggest you go do it, too, so if you win and not me, you can take me as your guest. Yes, that is a great idea!


We went to see this movie last night - it was really, really good.


Oh y'all. I forgot to tell you about my exercise progress. It's down to me being burned-out on jogging. As Amor and I have been riding our bikes for about 2 or 3 weeks, now, I came to this conclusion. I'd been jogging for 2 & 1/2 years, and doing nothing else as far as cardio's concerned. With the biking, it's such a breath of fresh air, literally. We pass joggers as we're riding in the oven known as downtown Houston, and they just look so damn miserable. As we pass the other bikers? Smiles smiles smiles. Knowing nods.

Amor's not been feeling well this past week, so I didn't have my riding partner. I could have gone out on my own, but just didn't feel like it. I went jogging instead. Three times - and you know what? It wasn't so bad. I mean, it did suck more than biking, but I think the break from jogging was good for my body. I pushed myself each time, more than I used to.

Also, Amor brought up a point to me that I hadn't thought about. Remember a few months back when I was really sick and had to get on antibiotics for 2 weeks? He thinks that I never really fully recovered from that. As I thought about his words, I realized he was right. Wow. Plus me being burned out on the jogging - not a good combo.


Ack - N. K0rea is nuts! (I just saw the news' breaking report on the tv.)

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