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2006-07-06 - fingernails

Becky and Henry are in town - but not really to visit us. They're here for Henry's side of the family. We went to the museum and finally saw that exhibit I've been wanting to see. It was awesome. I just couldn't get over all the plastinates' fingernails.


Well, the meeting with the prof went OK. He used the word "trainwreck" to describe my writing of the lit review. I couldn't do anything but laugh at this statement. I'm beyond my anger towards him, when I'm with him. I said, "It's not that bad, is it?" And he proceded to tell me that I have the majority of things done, I have all the articles I need, just need to put in a better format.

And will I graduate in August? No. He said that's just not going to happen. December? Yes. Oh well - I'm not mad. I really expected this, actually. He said the goal is to have everything completely done by the beginning of the semester that you plan on graduating. OK. So that means I have to have this done by August/September. Before we go on our Germany trip!


Gots ta go!

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