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2006-07-09 - the obligatory couple and the world cup

I forgot to tell you that Amor and I made tiramisu for that house partay we went to Friday. It was really good, although it didn't set up as well as we'd have liked because 1. Amor put additional orange simple syrup in, which made it more liquidy, and 2. it didn't have enough time to set up in the fridge. But it was super-tasty and everyone liked it.

Also, I forgot to tell you that our 'big' computer broke, it got the blue screen of death or something and it's RIP for that fucker. So, we've been using the Lappy Four-Eighty-Six solamente. Which I don't mind at all. When we first got the Lappy, I hated it. But since then I've written my entire paper (both drafts) on it, and all my tables and charts and shit, and like it a lot. I set it up on the dining room table with all my piles of papers surrounding me. I wouldn't be able to do that on our computer desk with the big computer.

We do need to get another computer, but we don't know what kind. Francis knows a lot about computers, so we've been talking to her some. We'll see. I just need to figure out how to connect the lappy to the printer so I can print out the 3rd draft of my paper when I actually get off my ass and do it...again.

We've been watching soccer this weekend.

Dilemma: this obligatory couple wants to watch the game with us. We don't like them, but they like us. Here's the deal - they're "breaking up", but still hang out. So the last time they insisted on watching a game with us (at the British pub), she was all for France and was yelling and cursing, like every other word was "fuck", and I felt bad because there was this old man from Brasil right next to her, and she had no respect for him at all. It was really, really obnoxious. The more she drank, the worse it got.

Oh man, does this sound familiar? I know I've been obnoxious and drunk before, even around her. Last summer to be exact.

I just need to chill. If they watch the game with us, they watch the game with us. After I have 1 beer, I usually don't mind her as much.


DUDE! Becky got Turbo Jam for me and I'm going to do it this morning as soon as I finish my tea and get the hell out of diaryland. It's been raining like a bitch for almost TWO weeks now, and I haven't been riding with Amor. I've been jogging and my right hip doesn't like jogging anymore. Or my right knee.


Well, my body is screaming at me that it's time to do Turbo Jam.

See you next time, and may the force be with you.

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