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2006-07-12 - that's crazy!

We went on our usual 10 mile bikeride yesterday, and I had a freak accident.

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See, there's this hill-dip thing, off the main path, dirt singletrack that I've done a million times before, and at the bottom of the dip, there's a low-lying skinny branch that always hits me in the helmet. No big deal, smack, and I move on. Well, apparently the branch had somehow shifted about 6 inches down and I didn't realize this until it had smacked me in the mouth, HARD! Amor was far behind me, so I stopped at the top of the dip and waited for him while I touched my mouth (it was completely numb) and saw a little blood on my hand and tasted blood. FUUUUUUCKKKKKK!

Well, he came up and told me it didn't look that bad. Turns out my lower lip is a bit busted-looking on the left side, but here's the weird part -----> on the inside of my upperlip, it's all shredded, and that flap-thing that holds your upper lip to your gums. (What's that piece of skin called? It's driving me crazy I don't know...) It hurts, too! I guess the branch smacked the outside of my lower lip, then dragged under my upper lip and scraped up my mouth inside. It all happened so fast. I was really hauling ass down that hill.

I'm glad lipstick can cover up my busted lip. GOD! That's freaky! I'm Brian Fellow!


It's been a week since I met with my prof. I haven't done shit on my 3rd draft. I want to do some work tonight and tomorrow, but I feel ZERO motivation. I also want to work on it this weekend, too. I will. I will get to it.

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