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2006-07-16 - dog

The English shepherd frequently exhibits a bossy or "enforcer" streak in his temperament. If the dog's desire to enforce order is not channeled and directed to a suitable end by an owner who is a strong, confident leader, he may exhibit many undesirable behaviors. English shepherds can thrive as companion dogs in many environments, but do not make "good pets" for the average person.

We're dog sitting an 8-month-old of this breed from friends of Amor who are an extremely inactive couple. I don't understand people who get a breed of dog they know nothing about, that will not really fit into their activity level, because they think the dog is "cute".

We're going to have her for a week, received her yesterday, and she's been a complete sweetie-pie thus far. She's so cute. Our plan is to take her on a LOT of walks, to keep her worn-out and not preoccupied with our tiny apartment. Wish us luck! It's kind of like having our own dog - cool. She doesn't bark, so I don't think our landlord will even know she's here. We have cool neighbors, too.


Y'all - Amor's interviewing for a job, a real job. Apparently the interview process may take several WEEKS - sheesh! The only bad thing about it - it may involve a LOT of travel on his part; inconsistent travel. My fears abound as to how that will affect our marriage, and now we're talking about putting off children for another 2 more years. Wow. It's funny how our long-term plans can change in a heartbeat, you know?

But, we can't really think too hard about these things - he doesn't even have the job, yet. We'll just have to wait and see.


OK, we're going to the beach today. I've got to go make some sandwiches. I don't think we're doing the sangria today - I drank heavily Friday night and you know the drill after that - I have to take it easy on the alcohol for a few days.

I got this killer new bikini, turquoise. My bod's coming along quite swimmingly, what with the Turbo Jam, biking, yoga, and the occasional torturous jog. They've always said that a variety of exercises is the way to go. I believe it. I BELIEVE!

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