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2006-07-24 - shot glass crash

They came to pick up the dog Saturday (we had her for a week while they were in Las Vegas) and they didn't bring us anything or give us any kind of thank-you gift or anything! Am I wrong to be surprised about this? I mean, I'm sort-of laughing at it, but at the same time, MAN, if I had someone watch my dog for a week for free, I'd at least bring them back a shot glass or something. I don't know about these people. But who really cares - I had a great time with the dog. I miss her a bit.

So Sunday, all day, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

Then I did Turbo Jam for 43 minutes. Chaline - she's my new cuss-word.


I went to the woman-doctor today (you know the drill, ladies) and I weigh 7 pounds more than I normally do when I'm feeling ultra-fit, as I am currently. (I've never felt more confident in a swimsuit.) I think that's what they call "muscle". Wow! Cool!


Oh boy:

We watched that movie Crash last night and it's the best movie I've seen in a long, long time. I was left awe-struck completely.

I don't know why I waited so long to see this movie. It was really compelling and made me look at life a little differently today.


Mondays. Halfway through the day today I realized I was wearing two different earrings.

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