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2006-07-25 - fun with Neighbor

On our bikeride yesterday we saw a rainbow. It's God's way of telling us he'll never flood the whole earth again, like he did in Noah's time.

Amor's out tonight helping a friend with a catering gig. I am by myself tonight! This morning, I planned out my whole night.

After work, I did the recycling. I went to this new place that recycles electronics. (Our printer died about a month before our big computer got the BSOD.) Well, this place kicked so much boo-TAY - they had a ton of volunteers that swarmed my trunk full of unseparated recyclables and had it emptied in two shakes of a lamb's tail - I didn't have to do anything! (The place I usually go to is DIY.)

On the way home I picked up a large bubble tea (I usually get a medium) and rushed home to watch 0prah. She has too many commercials.

Then I did Turbo Jam for 43 minutes followed by a bit of yoga to stretch out my beefy muscles. Belive me now and think about it later.

I had so much to eat for dinner. I think all this working out is really making my metabolism go into overdrive. Probably what's going on here is that since I've got more muscle, and it's more metabolically active than fat, the only logical consequence would be an increase in my hunger. Right-y O!

Am I obsessing about this? Sorry. I just get fascinated by my bodily functions, and when they differ from the norm, it makes me even more excited.


12:02 a.m.

I just got off the phone with an old friend - I'll call him Neighbor. I haven't really talked to him really in about 3 years - we had 2 hours of catching up to do.


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