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2006-07-29 - pumpkin pie

At 9:45 last night, Amor said to me, "Let's go dancing!" We haven't been dancing in a LOOOOOOOOONG time. He called a friend who gave us the hook-up at a club downtown where a DJ was spinning. (He was OK, and the crowd wasn't too great, but it was a club and we looked/felt like one of those hot couples - we had a good time!)

I drank like crazy but didn't feel any sort of hangover this morning at all. *body obsessing alert* I think it's because I have more muscle mass, and they say the more muscle mass you have, the easier time you have metabolizing alcohol. (That's why guys can drink more than gals.)

Yesterday we went on a 10 mile bikeride, then I came home to do turbo jam for 40 minutes (the turbo sculpt part where you lift 2 pound weights and shit - no cardio), then the dancing for 2 or 3 hours.

Today - my body's SORE!


I couldn't really sleep in this morning because I was stressing about my paper. I thought it was Sunday, not Saturday, thinking I had blown my whole weekend on frivilous activity and the alcohol. GOD. I hate that feeling. But then ah sweet redemption as Amor was taking a shower, hollered at me, "It's Saturday, Pumpkin!"


You know what I'll be doing today, y'all.

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