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2006-07-30 - the art of napping

Yesterday was weird.

See, we slept in late because we didn't get in until 4. Then we sort-of got up around 11, but ended up going back to sleep at 3 and napped until about 6. We were starving at that point so we went out to eat Greek.

I was like, "Amor, I feel so weird." after our nap. And he's like, "Yeah, Acorn. It's called napping."

Anyway, so finally at 10 p.m. (after some coffee, hell's yeah) I started working on my paper! I worked until 2 a.m.!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I got mucho done.)

I hate this paper. I love this paper. I will be happy, oh so happy when I'm done. caligirl keeps encouraging me - she says that when it's all said and done, I won't give the paper nor the a-hole prof another thought. That's SOOOO hard to imagine right now. The paper is so all encompassing, GOD.

Thank you for your support.


Did I mention that Thursday we went to the Shiner brewery? We got free beer. Shiner pasteurizes their beer. St. Arnold does not.

I like the St. Arnold brewery tour a lot better than the Shiner tour. But hey, free beer is free beer, no?


So anyway, we were watching Amelie before we decided to go out Friday night. That movie makes me feel so good and alive and joyful about life, the universe, and everything. I think it inspired us. I love it.


Today: Amor wants to go to the beach. Acorn needs to work on her paper.

Solution: Amor's asleep right now and it's only 11:51 in the a.m. So if I work on my paper for the next 3 hours, we'll have enough time to go, AND I won't feel guilty for not advancing in my pro-paper revisions.

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