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2006-08-01 - hot dog

As I work on my paper, Amor told me that he's envious of me. Every step of the way. He sees me here, hour after hour, on the laptop and wishes it was him.

See, his paper is the only thing between him and graduation, just like me, but he's really been dragging his feet with this thing. What can I do to encourage him? I tell him there's no way in hell it's going to take him as long as it's taking me. He goes to a different school and he doesn't have an a-hole prof like I do. I refuse to nag him. When has nagging another human being ever amounted to anything? He's kind-of in a slump. I don't know how to encourage him to get his butt going on this thing. He's a born procrastinator. And he's so good at it. But once he gets going, there's not stopping him, and he doesn't mess around with quality compromise or shit like that. I guess I wait and just resign to the fact that he will get his shit done, as always. He and I have different prioritization methods of timelines and deadlines, I suppose.


I've been at it the whole day. It's 1:04 a.m. and I believe it's time to quit. I go back to work Thursday and I'd say I'm about 89% done with what I need to get done.

We had hotdogs and a side of peas and carrots for lunch, and for dinner Amor made chicken with a tomato and rosemary sauce and a side salad made from lettuce and green bell pepper slivers with a tangy homemade dressing of lemon juice, olive oil and whole grain mustard. And he made croutons from this whole grain bread we had that was a couple of days old. Yummy.

Hotdogs: we've been getting into them lately. How do you like yours? We attempted to make them Chicago style the other week with onions, sweet relish, mustard and tomatoes. Today I had mine with just mustard and ketchup. Amor likes them with chili and cheese. A few years ago we deep-fried them - now THAT'S the shit. I'm serious.


Amor just told me that he's been watching me as I type my paper and shit and I didn't know I did this but he says I rub my head every few minutes to stimulate myself to stay awake or alert or something. He's looking at my hair and says it's "Crazy Go Nuts"!


I love this guy.


If I had my way, I'd be driving one of these.

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