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2006-08-02 - brain salmon

I've had a bit to drink and the universe is telling me I probably shouldn't be updating because typing is difficult: the <--backspace button is being used too frequently.

But fucking shit motherfucker, I'm done with my 3rd draft. Tomorrow (my last day off work) I'll go to the school to print the fucker off. It's seventyone pages this time. If you recall, draft 2 was only 70 pages. Goddamn piece of motherfucking cocksmoker.

I have been a big ball of bitch the past 2 days. Heaven's blessings go out to my cohabitator and love-of-my-life, Amor. May there be a special place in heaven reserved for him when he, ..... you know. Kicks the bucket or something.


And listen, I want some feedback on what you like on your hotdogs. (Or notdogs if you are a goddamn vegetarian like azelya.)

[]mustard - yellow
[]mustard - whole grain
[]relish - sweet
[]fake cheese
[]green bell pepper
[]cottage cheese
[]Fiber One cereal


Tonight for dinner Amor made ginger salmon in sesame oil with steamed baby bokchoy. It was yummy.

I ate it, then went back to the computer and finished my 3rd draft. Do you want to know about brain food? Read the previous paragraph again.


Peace out.

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