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2006-08-05 - suck again

Dear Dr. A-hole,

Just another gentle reminder that I need a course code for Pro Paper, and an advisor code.

You had asked me to remind you of this yesterday, and I sent you an email yesterday afternoon. You mentioned to me that you would have this information to me by Friday evening. It is now Saturday morning. I would appreciate a prompt reply. I know you are busy with the move, and I understand that fully. If you forgot to send it to me, please let me know.

Once again, I offer my help if you need any assistance with the move. If there is anything else I can do to help you not misplace or lose the things I turn in to you, please let me know. I have confidence that I will graduate in December. I would like to feel the same from you.

Also please note that I turned in a copy of the 2nd draft of my pro paper with your written suggestions and corrections, along with the 3rd draft yesterday. If there is any possibility, I would really appreciate a response from you concerning this 3rd draft by August 11th (Friday) - the last day of the semester - so that I may continue to work on my pro paper over the semester break. The sooner we get this done, the better.

Thank you for taking time out for me yesterday. I know you were busy with your PhD students, and I appreciate your time.

Hope you have a nice weekend, Acorn

This inhuman piece of dicknose, cocksmoking, motherfucking shit really threw me for a loop Thursday when I went to turn in my 3rd draft. We had arranged that I would come at noon. I came at noon. As I'm handing it to him, he asks if I had a copy of the 2nd draft with his corrections. I said no, you didn't mention that you needed that, and you already made a copy a month ago when you gave it to me. Well, he LOST IT.

So we arranged that I'd come back tomorrow (Friday) with that. So I show up Friday and my stuff's in a regular manilla envelope. He takes one look at it and says, "Well, I hope I don't lost that. It should be in a brightly colored envelope." This really flustered me, and in front of 2 of his PhD students, too.

So I was pissed as this point. I didn't know what the fuck to do. Where was I going to get a brightly colored envelope? I left with him telling me he'd try not to misplace it.


As I'm walking out of the building, I'm calling Amor, cussing up a storm, walking thru the m3d center, I don't give a FUCK who hears me. Amor's trying to calm me down, tell me there's no way he's going to lose my stuff. I'm like, NO, you don't understand, this motherfucker is a piece of dog shit on the shoe of Satan himself! I'm absolutely livid. Then I get an idea and hang up with him.

Anyway, I passed a bookstore and bought some flourescent copy paper, went back to the A-hole prof's office, got my envelope from him, and affixed one flourescent page in front and one in back, and wrote my goddamn name on the front.


THEN he told me he'd have an advisor code and course code for me by last night, and he didn't do that, so I sent him that email you just read at the beginning of this entry. (The move - the school is moving to a new building over the summer and it's a huge ordeal for my prof because he's having to sort thru 25 years and 4 or 5 offices and labs of all of his academic papers and crap.)

This is just insane. It's like a form of mental rape or something. What's just so frustrating about it is that I'm an extremely assertive person and I do not let anyone get the better of me, EVER. Yet with him, I'm going against everything that is my personal constitution. How am I supposed to learn from this? What am I supposed to learn from this? Oh I know, that my prof is a fucking DICK and that he's going to rot his sorry ass in hell for all eternity.

Oh yeah, and the whole time this is happening, as I'm running to and from the school from the train stop and the book store, it's hot as hell outside and I'm sweating buckets. AND I had to leave work to do all of this shit!

I tried to go back to sleep this morning, it's so nice in there with Amor beside me, but I just couldn't stop thinking about all of this, so I had to come here to vent. Ah, sweet diaryland.

I got off work yesterday, I was holding it in all day, and just cried and cried the whole way home and collapsed into Amor's sweet body on the couch and cried and cried.

You know, it's hard to see when your crying and driving. I don't recommend it.

I know this will be over. I know. But just right now it's sucking again. It's at the suck point again.

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