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2006-08-06 - I'm a simple soul

I slept 12 hours last night. Straight. I think every time I turn in a draft, afterwards I just mentally and physically crash. After I sent that email to the a-hole prof, later in the day I started to feel like shit about it. What if he uses this as an excuse to make things go even slower for me? I really started to freak out last night. I went into panic mode, well, let me rephrase - I started to go into panic mode. But I caught myself - I took a good look, I was breathing heavy, my eyebrows were all scrunched up, my voice was higher, I was leaning forward and my fists were clenched. God. So I tried to make all those physical symptoms change into non-stressful ones, and it actually helped my state of mind a bit. A lot, actually.

Amor thought the letter was good and necessary. I didn't attack him (the a-hole prof) and wasn't mean. I was very direct and he really needs to hear me out.

So I got online to my school's gradschool website and looked at the actual timeline for deadlines to graduate by December. I have until mid-November to have EVERYTHING turned in and finished completely. That means when we get back from Germany, I'll have about a month and a half to wrap things up with the a-hole prof.

Realistically, I probably won't get back his suggestions and corrections to 'draft 3' until the beginning of Fall, which is the end of this month. So that means I'll have a good 3 weeks to get some shit done before we go to Germany. See, I have no idea what more he's going to have me do on this damn thing! He keeps suggesting more and more things and I think there comes a time when I have to put my foot down. I mean, it's MY paper for christ's sake. Stupid motherfucker.

I've asked him if he could, to have the corrections back to me by this coming Friday, right? (That was in the email.) If this happens, that would really kick ass. I'd have the time over the semester break to work on shit. But will that happen? Probably not. Probably not.


Anyway, one thing's for DAMN sure, I'm not going to let this deter in the slightest my enjoyment of our future holiday. Just like Madonna says, "Holiday! Celebrate!"


We finally hooked up Rhapsody to our laptop, and I'm thrilled to pieces! Music has returned to our living room - anything we want. I've been jonesing for the new Franti and Petty albums. They are great. I'm listening to them now as we speak.

Franti's all telling me to feel good about the future and Petty's telling me to cherish the simple things and foma in life that make you happy.

We saw Franti on Craig Ferguson last week. Good. Good. Good.


Oh God, I think I ate one of my earplugs the other night for sure. Amor and I were looking for them and we only found one. We looked and looked and looked, I swear to God. But I don't know, because I don't remember dreaming about popcorn the night prior. I haven't seen anything in my, uh, you-know-what, so who knows?


I'm starting to get really pumped about our trip. I've been looking at pics of Bavaria and the Romantic Road on the internet and they are so beautiful I want to cry. I can only imagine what it's like in person. "Hello Alps! I'm Acorn and I'm small. You are so big!"


Plus. PLUS!!!! Before we even leave the continent, we're going to the Austin City Limits (ACL) music festival. Los Amigos Invisibles! I can't wait - we saw these muchachos at the ACL 2 years ago and it was AMAZING. I'm SO EXCITIED!!!!!


Thanks to all for telling me what you like on your hotdogs (or notdogs in the scenario that you are a vegetarian like clarity25 [locked] or azeyla.) I think the strangest thing was BBQ sauce, but it sounds really good. I think mostly everyone grew up with the mustard and/or ketchup/catsup thing, but I was curious as adults, what did we all gravitate towards?


I's 2:04 p.m. and I just finished my morning tea. I love lazy Sundays. They are rare. Usually I'm stressing about my paper or nursing a hangover from hell. Sometimes both.

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