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2006-08-08 - I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink. I'm so tired, my mind is on the brink.

I've been sleeping 5 hrs a night the past 3 nights. I'm all fucked up with the sleep again. I crave those 12 hours straight, why can't I do that all the time?


The a-hole prof emailed me the info I needed, the codes, nothing else. When will he get the 3rd draft back to me? I hate waiting.


Amor will find out about the job the end of this week.

It's up between him and one other person. Why couldn't they just tell him today? It was his 3rd or 4th interview. I hate waiting.


I need to get up off this couch and do turbo jam. I haven't worked out in about 5 days and I'm starting to feel laziness creeping in, just a bit. But not for long.




Amor read this whole diary. He had some comments...

1. The way I write in here is totally different than the way I speak. I actually express myself more and am more articulate here in this diary versus real life. I don't use nearly as many big words. (So if you called me on the phone or met me in a cafe to have a conversation, you'd probably be disappointed. Maybe. I'm cute, though, so that might make up for it.)

2. This diary made him laugh a lot. (I really like making people laugh. Sometimes I try too hard, though.)


Amor made lemonade the other day and it was the best lemonade I've ever had in my entire life, I could have drunk a whole gallon of it. He made simple syrup with lemon zest and strawberries, cooked it for a bit to extract the flavor. It tasted like pink starbursts - they are my favorite. You know how you suck on one and you just can't stop because it's so good and you want more? Imagine that as a cool, refreshing lemonade. My GOD. I died and went to heaven that day. I've never had a more tasty beverage in my LIFE.


Here I come, Chalene!

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