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2006-08-12 - bang the typewriter

Here's an email I received from my mom this morning recapping her birthday. She's just so simple, happy and loving, it's amazing.

Here it is:

Dear Sweet Daughter Acorn,

Thanks for this email from you and also your phone messages from yesterday too! All was a nice thing to get from you and I love you and send my thanks for your loving work.

I just got my computer open-first time today so wish I had sent this earlier.

Hi to you and Amor and thanks for remembering my birthday-big 62 now and still close to your Dad at 66. He took the day off work yesterday (first time ever) and we went to a movie (World Trace Center) which was a true movie about 9 11.

Had lunch out and got to do some shopping and have a new purse now! Then when we got home, Henry and Becky brought the birthday cake we all loved and sang for me! I think Becky gets off work at 5 pm today and then Henry has to be at his work at 7 tonight so hope they can see each other for a short time before Henry takes off.

Is this your weekend off work now, Acorn?

Love, Mom

She still puts two spaces after a period because she learned to type in the 60s on a typewriter where you had to really bang on the keys hard. You should see her type on a computer keypad, she just bangs away with full force, and FAST, too. It kills me!


Still no word on the trabajo.

Everything happens for a reason.

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