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2006-08-25 - I'm afraid of Americans and I love David Bowie

Amor's now doing some part-time work for the weekend, and after Labor Day it will pick up. I'm very proud of him for doing this, even though he doesn't really want to do this particular job. He wants a career job. But there's this thing that we choose not to live without right now: money. Thank you, Amor. Big Bland, I love you! You are a Golden God.


I spoke with azelya last night on the phone for an hour and seventeen minutes! I can hear the L.A. in her voice, I swear.

She reminded me of the time when we went camping in the mountains in Colorado and on the drive back I had diarrhea and made them stop the car every 5 minutes because I had to go. I don't even remember this as I probably blocked it out of my memory, being such a painful one.

Anneliese, thanks so much for reminding me. And while your at it, why don't you give me a nice papercut and pour some lemon juice on it?

I love you, my wild friend. Our crazy days are far from over, you know.


I went to see my doctor yesterday for drugs. I want something that will knock me out on the plane ride over the pond. She gave me @mbien. I took one last night to "practice". It's weird stuff. I felt like I was awake all night and never really slept. But I'm strangely rested this morning. I don't know if I like it or not. It was a bit unsettling. I had a dream that my dad was unknowingly singing a Kyuss song to me, I couldn't stop laughing at him.


Man, you know what's going to suck now that Amor is working nights? No more gourmet dinners. I'm such a spoiled little thing. I get a splendid gourmet dinner every single night after I come home from work. Even when we go bikeriding, we come home and he insists on cooking. He won't let me help! And each time, I ask him if he needs any assistance. I'm such a lucky bastard. PLUS, he always always always makes a lot of veg for me, for my D.A.S.H. diet. God bless that man!

When I'm alone, my dinners consist of peanut butter and honey sandwiches and popcorn, and cucumber slices for my veg. Or maybe celery. Occasionally a salad, but that's work. Sometimes I heat up a can of black beans and have that with Cholula and flour tortillas, toasted on the comal.

Last night I met a friend at Lucky Burger and had a burger with everything, a chocolate shake and french fries. It was SO good. I came home with my gut sticking out to here. (Not really Ibiza Body fuel, no.)

Speaking of, the Turbo Jam made me originally gain about 7 pounds, and now I got weighed yesterday and I'm down 3. But I'm about 4 up from my "goal weight", even though I look/feel better than ever. It's strange, my waist looks like, well, a waist, slimmer than it's ever looked, yet my "skinny pants" are a bit snug. How does that happen?

I think my body shape's changed with all the buffness afforded me through Ms. Chaline Johnson and her Turbo Jam. Elbow elbow! and Throw them bones!


There's this band called I love you but I've chosen darkness and they are coming to the ACL fest. I am extremely excited as I've been listening to them a bit and they are kinda like old Cure, but with a more driving beat. They have this one song called "I want to die in the hot summer", which is exactly how I've felt lately! Anyway, I got an email from Amor the other day and he closed it with, "Acorn, I love you, but I've chosen darkness."

MANOMANOMANOMAN! We're going to have SO much fun on our vacation! I was reading a survey filled out by bindyree and one of the questions was "Do you prefer action packed vacations or relaxing ones?" and my answer is definitely that I enjoy action-packed vacations. Amor and I are going to hit the ground running when we land that plane.


Well, I'm all out of tea. Slay ya later.

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