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2006-08-28 - Happy Birthday Amor

I got an email from the prof today:

Dear Acorn :

I am in the process of unpacking. I should be able to find you paper in a couple of days. I will let you know if I can't find it.

Yea! He speaks! (I will refrain from my usual tirade of colorful and ventful expletives.)

*And yes, he did write "you" instead of "your".


We hung out with Francis again last night and had sushi. She got these spider rolls and they were delicious. I got the Crazy Irishman roll. Amor got the hot rock beef, where you cook your own raw beef pieces on a little hot rock with butter. It was all tasty!


Amor's 33 today! We had the cake yesterday evening - my 'rents drove up for the day.

Today, I'm going to cook dinner for Amor, but he hasn't told me what he wants. I slept in late. He either got up before me, or didn't sleep last night, because he was up when I woke up this morning.

***He's in a meeting with HIS prof right now as we speak, discussing plans for his pro-paper. It's going to be such a breeze for him. I'll probably help him with APA format and his reference list, because I'm a semi-expert on that crap.


I kept having this horrible dream last night, even when I woke myself up in the middle of it and told myself to quit dreaming about it. It was 7:18 and I woke up telling myself, "Acorn, stop! This dream is stupid and stressing you out, so just move on!" But no, I kept on dreaming.

In the dream, I had killed 3 people and I had the bodies in my car. Two fit in the trunk, and the third I had in my back seat. I had all these errands to do, and I had to leave my car in the parking lot as I went into the stores, hoping no one would call the cops on me because I had a visible dead body in the back seat.

Then I went to go visit Amor in his lab (he doesn't really work in a lab). It looked like Amor, but was really my Latvian ex-boyfriend. He was talking on the phone to his mom in Russian and I kissed him quickly on the lips as I said goodbye. I had to get back to my dead bodies problem.

End of dream.

I think what fueled this dream was hanging out with my dad. He always frustrates me to high-heaven, and I have thoughts of offing the guy. (I would never do this, of course.) He makes me very angry, he's such a self-centered asshole. Not once does he ever ask me anything about how I'm doing or what's going on in my life. It's always about him, 100% of the time. And if he's ever nice to anybody, it's so that he'll get something in return.

I don't know what the Amor-turned-into-Latvian-ex-boyfriend thing was, who knows?

I love my dreams. I look forward to them every night.

Although this one was a bit of an anxiety dream, and I could have done without the gore.



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