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2006-09-07 - full moon fever

Dear Acorn:

Will you have any time to meet on Thursday. Lunch time is best for me.

That's the latest email I've received from the a-hole prof. I'm meeting with him today at 1 to go over my 3rd draft, I'm assuming.

That means I'll have a week to turn in the next draft before we leave for our Europe trip.

You know what I'll be doing this weekend!


The hummingbirds are back! I put out fresh food for them about a week ago because I saw one trying to drink the old nasty stuff I'd had in there for over a month, poor little thing. Also, my neighbor across the way saw that I'd put mine up, so she put hers up, too! It's very exciting. I don't see very many, but the few I have seen are just so lovely.


The weather is turning away from armpit-hot, to comfy. I'm very happy about this.

Maybe ACL this year won't be in the 100s. That's three days of musical bliss, y'all. With the Becky and the Henry, man we're going to have a blast. Then we'll get back from Austin and the next day leave for Barcelona! We'll make the bulk of our trip Germany and Austria, though.

Oh, and my Ibiza body is coming along very swimmingly! I'm looking good thanks to the Turbo Jam and the killer biking. Yeah. Ibiza, here we come!


My stupid job is calling me.

I'll let you know how the meeting with my prof goes.

Is it a full moon tonight?

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