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2006-09-09 - sugar water

As I was eating my breakfast of oatmeal and a side of sliced cucumbers, tea nearby, I saw a hummingbird on the feeder hanging from our balcony. It has been raining all morning. I think it was a male because it was larger than some I've seen. His momentum from landing on the perch made the feeder rock back and forth, and he didn't like that. But after a moment, he settled down for a quick drink and then flew off into the sprinkling rain.

This makes me SO happy. I love nature. I mean, even in this huge polluted city, where we live no less than 5 minutes from downtown, I can still witness nature and its goings-on.


The meeting with the prof Thursday went swimmingly. The whole school has moved to a new facility, so the prof has a brand new office and lab. We met in his new lab, and the walls were painted plum. He gave me more changes to work on, I have to go look up an article from Australia, and he wants me to re-do (AGAIN) the stupid tables. He is obsessed with the damn tables.

All in all, I hope to finish Draft 4 this weekend. (If that doesn't happen, that's OK because I want to turn it in Wednesday or Thursday. I can burn the candle on both ends this week if I have to.)

(We leave Thursday night for Austin, after I get off work.)

So then, when we get back from Europe, he'll probably have a few more minor changes for me to work on, and then I'll give copies of my paper to my committee members and two weeks later I'll have my defense meeting. I'm hoping that'll be mid/late October. I don't want to cut things too close to the academic deadline, which is NOVEMBER 17th. Remember that date, Acorn, because you are going to be a very happy individual that day. More than you can imagine.

Oh God, I think I can finally feel that the end is in sight, but this anxious feeling of dread hasn't left my body, yet. Not quite yet.



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