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2006-09-10 - el milagro

Well, I think it will take a miracle to finish Draft 4 today. Those damn tables: I spent two hours yesterday just figuring out how to lay one out - it serves as a template for the rest, though, thank the Baby Jesus.

I'm probably about 45% done with all the tables.

Then I've got to get to the actual text of my paper - I've got about 4 journal articles to work in somehow that the prof suggested.

I'll figure it out.

I've got all day today, so maybe a miracle COULD occur.


And of course I can't sleep. I've been averaging 5 hours a night the past week. I need at least 7 for my personal constitution to be balanced.

I'm all out of whack.

You know how I work myself up into a state.


I fucked up:

I was all in the zone last night with the paper and it was 11 p.m. and I didn't realize it and I called Patty. Her husband answered with, "She's been asleep since 8." and didn't sound too happy. I was just seeing how Friday night went since we had a thing we were supposed to do, but I had to work on my paper. (This thing we were supposed to do had been sort-of prearranged before the whole un-friend incident.) He said she and him had had a difficult night Friday, but I didn't ask what that was about. He didn't sound too happy at all. After I hung up, I realized what time it was and I felt horrible.

I told Amor about it, and that I was thinking about calling today to apologize for calling so late. Maybe I should just drop it. She's definitely not someone I'm going to worry about not liking me or not being my friend, she's clearly indicated her preferences. I really can't waste my time on flaky people.

Who cares. I really don't care. I just feel bad for pissing off her husband, if he was pissed off at me for calling so late.

I was just all into writing my paper, and got this whim to call her. I didn't think.


Well, it's back to the pro-papering.

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