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2006-10-12 - pirates don't go with computers

This is crazy, but especially the name of the person trying to buy the remains. I really did LOL, I'm not just typing those capital letters without emotional backup.


Well, I've been working on my paper for about 2 hours now, and I'm about to go berzerker. The corrections? No problem -----> I've got to change a few wordings here and there, but nothing major like last time when I had to pretty much rewrite the whole thing. (Again, for the third time, but we won't go into that.) What's making me crazy is these damn graphs (3 of them) the prof wants me to do; complete with scatterplots and trendlines. I've figured out how to do them, but I've got to resize them onto a protrait page layout, and figure out how to add the note underneath, which maybe means alternatively I need to figure out how to transfer a graph from excel onto a word document. (?) Argh! I'm really scary when it comes to computers, I'm clueless. I do everything the hard way.

Then after the paper's done, I've got to construct a 15 minute powerpoint presentation on my defense of the damn thing. Like I give a flying fuck!!!!

I think I'm going to call it quits on this tonight. At least I started on it, which has always been the hardest part for me. Now I know the size of my monster. I'm glad I've got the whole weekend.

When it rains, it makes it easier to work on my paper for some reason. I feel like I'm supposed to be inside.


Thanks for your honesty about drugs and stuff. It's a difficult subject and I always feel a little weird being completely honest about something that makes me feel uncomfortable. And I hate feeling like I've failed at something, I'm such a damn perfectionist. It's a major personality flaw of mine. (One of many...)

I think my brain's chemical makeup is equilibrating nicely. I feel a lot better today, the best since coming back from the Eurotrip.

I have to finish this draft of my paper first, before I start figuring out how to get all the photos from our trip onto the internet. I downloaded them all onto some program that seems impossible to understand, I just want to resize them, and I have been unable to find that option on the program. Like I said, I'm scary with computers.


And we took a couple of video clips, too. On our plane ride back, we flew over Greenland, and I took a short video of it. Very few people on this earth get to see Greenland. It was amazing.

I guess maybe I'll use Youtube for that?


It's 9:50 p.m.


I have to comment on L0ST. There's so many damn commercials during the show that by the end, I feel unfulfilled. I feel like I've been tricked in some way. Kinda like when I watch 0prah, I get that same feeling. I guess if I had t!vo, it'd be different.


Amor made this excellent lasagna tonight before he left for work. It was my job to take it out of the oven when it was done. I almost let it burn - there were some black, crusty edges when I took it out, which I picked off and ate. I like burnt things, sometimes. I have this affinity for burnt tortillas, sometimes. I'll make them black and crunchy on purpose, load them with butter. Mmmmmm, cancer.

Speaking of butter, they had the BEST butter I've ever had in Germany. I ate butter when we were there like there was no tomorrow. Even Amor was shocked, because I really don't eat a lot normally here in the states. For breakfast in Germany, they had such a spread, and it always included really great, hearty bread and BUTTER. Man, they have some happy cows over there, and you can really taste it in their dairy.

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