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2006-10-16 - weird pillow story

Man, I meant to update sooner.

Anyway, I almost finished my next draft Saturday night - after working on it twelve hours. It turned out to be more work than I thought it was going to be. I finally finished Sunday around noon. Then today at school I printed it out because it'd be "cheaper" to use the school's printers, but then I ended up paying $5 for parking instead of taking the rail (which would have been free) because it was raining. So much for saving money.

WARNING! Bitching about the professor ALERT!

But get this:

I've been writing my professor emails since *FRIDAY*, and he still hasn't gotten back to me. I want to meet with him tomorrow! A-hole.

I think it's time I started stalking him up at school. I can't afford to take another month to get this draft done. It has to be finished NOW so I can schedule my defense and be done with this.


I keep telling Amor that I think this paper has fried my brain permanently. He thinks it's temporary.

I was a lot happier yesterday afternoon than I'd been in a while. We went grocery shopping for ingredients - we threw a dinner party to celebrate October, Amor's favorite month. We carved pumpkins after dinner, it was so much fun. He made a beet salad with tuna as an ap, then we had butternut squash soup, and for the entree potato crusted salmon over a warm lentil salad, and orange zest Brussels sprouts on the side. Then the chicks we invited over (Francis and her friend) had brought this gourmet pumpkin pie, it tasted SOOO good. I had a slice before dinner. It's cool to have dessert first, sometimes. As an adult, I can do that. Then today when I was at work, Amor roasted all the seeds.

I *love* roasted pumpkin seeds.


The other night I woke up in a weird position, holding Amor's pillow. I went to sleep before him, and when he came into the bedroom to go to sleep, I woke up and found myself on my side of the bed, holding Amor's pillow over the edge of my side of the bed, where it was touching the floor, but still in my grasp. Like I had just grabbed it with my left hand, then rolled over onto my right side, and flung the pillow over my body, to the floor, and then just froze.

Should I worry.


Anyway, our bedroom window (I have to sleep with it open instead of the door - to let in light at night while I sleep) has these vines growing all over it on the outside, adventitious rooting clinging to the screen. It makes cool shadows on the walls of our bedroom.

AND, the song by MUSE, Stockholm Syndrome, really does it for me. I like songs that go through cool transitions. That could be said about more than one of their songs.

**info update**

I just got an email from the prof:


I am not sure that I will be in tomorrow. Wednesday would be a better day. Can you meet about lunch time or later in the day. Can you put the data for your values in colmmn format and email to me so that I can plot the graphs on my computer Thanks

Grammatical errors included.

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