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2006-10-31 - defense offense

It's Halloween! A particularly scary day for me, because in a little over an hour I'll be defending my propaper - you know, the one I've been bitching about pretty much the last 2 years. It'll be me, my prof, and 2 committee members. If it's my defense,, then is it their offense?

I have no idea what to expect. Supposedly, it will take less than an hour. I've got a 21 page power point presentation. I told my prof if I don't pass, it's his fault.

I'm kinda shaking right now in nervousness.

I've decided November I'm giving up alcohol and caffeine. So right now I'm drinking my last cup of tea.

Oh, and counseling yesterday went well. We discovered that I'm more of an introvert, and Amor's more of an extrovert. (This is extremely surprising.) This is based on the fact that when we go to parties/gathering with lots of people, I tend to talk to one person the whole night and feel drained at the end, and Amor tends to talk to many people and feels pumped and energized at the end of the night. Which got us to thinking about where we get our energy from. I get my energy from within (which I haven't been doing) and Amor gets his energy from others (which he hasn't been doing, either.) I mean, that's not 100% true all of the time, but most of the time that happens.

So basically, we've got that to chew on for the next 2 weeks.

Wish me luck on my defense!

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