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2006-11-01 - I passed!

What a strange experience it was this morning. I mean, I did my presentation, my committee members asked me some very interesting questions, but my prof said nothing, nothing! What a freak. Halfway through, this student knocked on the door and signaled me to let her in (WTF? I'm presenting my pro paper here. Who the fuck are you? I ignored her.) and one of my committee members says, Oh, it's so-n-so, she's always late. and let her in! So after they're asking me questions on my paper, SHE starts asking me questions, she's all freaked out because apparently she's having problems with her propaper and needs help, so starts asking me questions on how long it took me to write it, how did I start, how did I organize the articles, how many articles did I use, and I'm like, thinking to myself, What the fuck is this? I wasn't notified that a student was going to be here! I really didn't know what to do other than answer her and help her out as best I could, she was obviously not right, she was all in a tizzy. So after about 5 minutes of this, me and this chick were sent out of the room for them to "decide" on my fate.

Well, they called me back in and said, "Congratulations!" So I guess I got my degree coming to me. They signed the appropriate paper.

Only, get this, my prof asks me if I have time to stay after, he's got some things to discuss with me about my paper. (After saying NOTHING the entire time I was talking, even afterwards when I rallied everyone for questions.) He made me sit there for 45 minutes going over all this crap he wants me to do - Now, it's nothing on the CONTENT of my paper, just rearranging of the paragraphs, and pagination and shit like that. But what I don't understand is why can't he tell me this shit earlier, why does he have to wait until this point?

Oh, I don't have to tell you why. You know it's because he's from the depths of hell.

Anyway, so I'm STILL not done with the damn paper. I've been working on it since about 2 this afternoon (I took the whole day off work). I've got about 7 more pages left, but I can't go on. I've fucking had it tonight.

I mean, I should be really happy. Actually, I was happy from about noon to 2. I passed the hardest part. Only, it wasn't hard. It was like having a conversation with colleagues, with some laughing, joking around, but with my major prof not saying a word.

He's a freak, I tell you. They've told me stories about him up at school, I just haven't talked about it here, for fear of the school finding my diary. But take my word for it, the man's (if you can call him a man) not right in the coconut.

But it feels so anticlimactic since I'm still working on the paper. You know? It's not hard work, it's just tedious and takes FOREVER.

So yeah, I passed the defense. Yea, Acorn!


Ok, but THANKS to all for the lovely encouragement and comments yesterday. I really, really, really liked that. It makes me realize just what a big deal this actually is. I tend to get all bogged down with all the negatives, and I use this place to vent, so it's nice to have such a roar of positivity and upliftedness. Muchas gracias!

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