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2006-11-07 - (I am one of those nerds I mention)

I've got civic pride.


More on the Dark Crystal:

I did go with Amor Saturday night. But, everyone there was a NERD and they were actually *laughing* at everything! I was, like, all offended and old. I really, really like that movie, and the experience was a little diminished because of all the damn jackasses. Then as we were exiting the theatre, I overheard one nerd say to another nerd, "Ah, the days before computer animation." Jackass.

Maybe they were all stoned? I can see how the movie may seem funny if you're young and stoned.


The paper:

I turned in yet another draft yesterday, so am awaiting my prof's reply. The 17th of November is coming up fast. I think I'll believe it when I'm walking across the stage in my $75 rental gown and keep-it cap-n-tassle.


Training for the MS15O: I rode 15 miles Sunday, and Amor did, too! My butt hurts. Amor seems unaffected. His endurance amazes me.

I've been reading up on long, long, long distance bikeriding, and I've got to get the right equipment for my butt. There's this thing called a "chamois" that fits in your netherlands. I need to get gloves. I have to get a new seat. I need to change out my chain. I can do this myself. And I want to change out my tires to slicks, but I'm not ready to make the transition, yet. I still like tearing it up on rocks and stuff.

And it's not actually 150 miles, it's 182.



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