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2006-11-12 - speak lately

This weekend I've been away. Now I'm back.


I went to see the prof with my "final" copy of the paper, which he approved. Yes, he approved it. I haven't told you about all the bribing I did with him involving chocolate, have I. Whatever.

I'm done! I'm done with the paper!

I went to the copy-place Friday and got it professionally bound. All 108 pages of the damn thing. Tomorrow I turn it in and wade through some more red tape.

Thank the lord god almighty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear School,

I will not miss your sorry ass.


Amor was telling me, again, that he was proud of me. He was all, I'm all proud of you, Acorn. You did it. You did it kicking and screaming, but you did it.


Also tomorrow, Amor and I go to marriage counseling for the second time. We've been doing better this past week.


The lack of caffeine and avoidance of alcohol? How's it going? Well, I'm over the caffeine withdrawal, that lasted about 4 days. The alcohol, well, to be honest, I'm actually enjoying not drinking. My body's enjoying it, my brain's enjoying it. It's just that, lately when I'd drink, it was so much work, it felt like it was sapping the life out of me. Lately.


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