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2006-11-18 - crowd cuckoo land

9:22 p.m. Saturday

Good kharma abounds today.

Today I went up to work, not to work, but to pick up some homegrown herbs, turnips, meyer lemons, oranges, and farm eggs. (a whole dozen!) Yesterday the same dude gave me some carrots, which I used to make carrot muffins and brought them to him, still warm.

Then later I met up with my bike-friend and he gave me some mix CDs and bikeroute maps of this damn city.

We went on a killer ride* today.

THEN after I got back, my neighbor called me - said he had some pecans he gathered himself, did I want them. Hell yeah!


* killer ride:

The bike-friend and I met up at 11:30 and I didn't get home until 4:30 this afternoon. We didn't ride the entire time - we took a break for my safety training. (Apparently group riding can be risky bidness.) We must have gone at least 30 miles. WOW! I am so incredibly, lovely exhausted right now.

I got a new saddle, and the wayward bikeshop youth adjusted my handlebars and brake handles - said they had been adjusted for "man hands". I don't have man hands. Well, what he did made my riding experience excellent today.

And what Mom Nature did with the weather - wow. You could not ask her for more perfect weather than what I experienced today.

We stopped at another bikeshop and I tried on an $80 helmet. I don't need an $80 helmet, but now I know what one feels like on the head. It's luxurious. I need a $40 helmet.

And by the way, my bike kicks ass. It's going to be good through all my training AND the MS15O. I just need some new tires within the next month or so. They make tires that have built-in reflective material so at night they light up like a ring of fire. Or so the wayward bikshop youth was telling us. You go on with your bad self and tattooed forearms!


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