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2006-11-17 - my liver likes me

11:24 p.m.

Ok, I'm back from the pubcrawl and I'm sober. It was interesting! I had good conversation, none of my companions were too drunk, I drank a sprite and a water the whole night, and I got a free beer glass at the end. Topics of conversation included my one and only physical fight in highschool over a pair of docs (no, I didn't start it, someone tried to steal them from me and I kicked their ass), marijuana, looking younger than your age, and various cycling tips.

At one point some dumbass dropped and broke their free commemorative pubcrawl beer glass on the sidewalk. Consequently, (the place was mucho-crowded) other dumbasses walked over the glass, crunching it under their feet, and seeming not to care. I was all flabbergasted for a moment, I told my friend What's wrong with these people? Why aren't they watching out for the glass? They're going to hurt themselves! and then I realized: Oh. They're drunk. It was quite a revelation, believe me. Normal people don't act like that. Drunk people do.



And I'm still witty and funny when I'm not drinking.

I missed Amor a lot tonight. He's at work.

By the way, the forced introspection on my part is going swimmingly for me, and the forced avoidance of introspection is going swimmingly for my other half. He has to stop himself - it's so easy for him to launch into his cerebral analysis and shit, I see him start and then stop, and then we have a good laugh - Amor and I. This is fun. He's like, No, I'm not going to say what I'm about to say, Acorn! Uh.


Tomorrow I'm going to get fitted for my bike, buy a new seat (it's called a saddle), and ride with my new bike-friend.


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