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2006-11-19 - sleep through the day and wake up to the moon again

Oh, I've got a juicy confession tonight: I found some reefer in my old stash-box from a year-or-so ago and smoked it about a half hour ago. I believe it was still good. I'm listening to Gary Numan Are friends electric?.

You know Olaf, I am refreshed and happy! (I mean, even before the reefer.) The paper was such a load on my psyche. You know what? I had an anxiety dream last night about my paper. I'm still fu*ked up in the head a little, just a little, eentsy, weentsy, teensy bit. I'll recover, don't worry. These days of feeling refreshed and happy, I believe, are going to last for a good, long while.


Well, listen:

I went on a 15-mile "recovery ride" this afternoon. I was smiling at everyone I passed, and enjoying the sight of doggies on their owner's leashes. I don't know if I've ever said this before, but I really really love dogs.

The weather today was just as good as yesterday's: perfect.

Today was perfect.

I had a perfect day today.

Exercise + no paper + no work + good weather + good night's sleep last night = perfect day.

It would have been a 100% good night's sleep had I not been awakened by howling cats, fighting or whatever they were doing. I think it's maybe mating season for ferel cats? Ew.


Good bye!

I'm going to assemble a floor lamp I just purchased at Target!

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