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2006-11-28 - birthday

It's my b'day today! Happy birthday, Acorn. I'm 32.

Amor got me the movie Office Space, I love that movie! And we went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants Sunday night. He shouldn't be working too late tonight, so we'll get to spend some quality b'day time together.


In unrelated news, I'm watching Scrubs instead of 0prah. It's my favorite show, now. It comes on the same time as her. It's really funny and witty, with some heart.


What I thought about the movie the Virgin Suicides:

Well, it actually hit a little close to home. The album-burning scene, in particular. When I was a child, my mom burned all her rock-and-roll records going into a lifelong dedication to Jesus. She ignited them outside in one of those big oil drums. I went outside to where she was burning them, it really stunk. I asked my mom, Mommy, what's that smell? She replied, That's what sin smells like, honey. I'm not kidding. I was about 5 years old.

I thought it was a good film. I like Sophia's perspective on girly-things, it's really interesting. It was also interesting how the youngest was the first to try to kill herself, made you think that they talked about it all the time within their sister-network, and it had the most influence on the youngest.

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