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2006-12-03 - I can smell the freezer burn

Yesterday I saw THREE movies. The first one was this foreign film about a dog - it was heartfelt.

The second one was Shaun of the Dead which I really liked a LOT, it's hilarious. Like when Shaun gets the dart stuck in his head, and at the very end - the TV shows in the aftermath of the Zombie Invasion, when the talk-show host asks the lady, "You go 'o bed wi'it?" Oh, that just killed me.

It's a great zombie movie.

And the third movie was a midnight showing of the Matrix (the first one, the only one worth watching). But those little punks who work at that theatre started the damn film early and shut it off right when the end credits started, I mean, come ON, you don't cut off Rage Against the Machine, What's wrong with the youts if today?


Amor was able to make it to the midnight movie, he was so tired. <3 I can't go into the details of his job, if you wanna know you can email me, that's fine. He's just working a LOT and we never see each other. It's like, our life together has done a complete 180, but we haven't been this happy in a long while. It's really weird, but we're completely enjoying ourselves, supportive, total.


I cleaned out our freezer just now, we had shit in there from over two years ago!

I made fresh-squeezed OJ/tangerine/lemon juice this morning, it was quite an invigorating start to the day. Amor needs all the vitamin C - he's under the weather, has been working himself ragged, not getting enough sleep, he doesn't care.

Then I juiced the rest of the lemons (in the end, there was about 4 cups of juice) and poured it into ice-cube trays - it filled about 5 trays - to freeze and then I'll put the cubes in a freezer bag to keep them fresh and ready-to-use. You can put them in beer, sparkling water, coctails, the uses are ENDLESS. It'll be super-groovy to have fresh-squeezed, lemon juice on hand.



I had CAFFEINE Friday morning! It was badass, you guys.

I LOVE caffeine, I love it, I love it, I love it. I. LOVE. IT.




hearts, butterflies, flowers, shooting stars, unicorns, Superman, Wonder Woman, the night air, and green traffic lights.


Remember those other ice-cubes I made out of fresh-squeezed pineapple and orange juice?

WELL, get this. I put a few cubes into some granny smith apple cider (yes, I had some alcohol last night for the first time in a month) and it was so frickin' tasty!

See, when we were in Germany, one of the things we discovered was that over there, sometimes people drink their beer half beer/half juice. It sounds really weird, but it's super tasty. It makes the beer less strong (alcohol-wise), and is extremely refreshing.

Think about it, you put lime into your Corona, right? You put a slice of lemon into your Hefeweizen, right?

It only makes sense.

It makes more sense than a Wookiee living on Endor, anyway.


I'm going to work on my bike today. I looked up on the 'net how to change out your own bikechain.

This should be interesting and dirty.

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