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2006-12-07 - super-broke and perfectly rotton

Bike update:

I had to get a new cassette and it cost twenty-seven dollars. They didn't charge me labor and even did a mini tuneup.

The next day I brought them home-made chocolate chip cookies from scratch, still warm.

My bike feels brand new!


I made calzones tonight for dinner - they were awesome! I just did my dough recipe like I use for my pizzas. (I don't even have to use a recipe anymore - half a glass of warm water to proof the yeast, one cup of whole wheat flour, one cup of AP flour, salt, olive oil. Knead. Done. Walk in the park easy.) MAN, tasty! Interior of my calzone: onion, tomato, pasta sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni. I made 4, all identical. If you ever come to my city, I'll make you a calzone, I swear.

You can even have anchovies if you go that route.


I rode my bike 15 miles today and my butt is getting used to my new seat, uh, I mean saddle.


Amor and I are super-broke this week.


Songs today that really flop my dripper BIG TIME:

I demand a better future by David Bowie


Dark star by Beck

that new Beck album is really, really easy on my ears.


Well, I've got to go make some banana bread - we've got three perfectly rotten bananas.

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