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2006-12-13 - King Ranch Casserole

I have all this energy today, it's really weird. Such a contrast from yesterday.

I surprised myself today with a 20-mile bike ride, no stopping for pocky or NOTHIN'!

Then I came home and made (because I never got around to making it last night) King Ranch Casserole! It's baking its last 5 minutes as we speak (!) Oh my, there's the timer! Ding!

My husband likes casseroles when it's cold outside. I have to tell you he was very disappointed when he came home last night from work and there was no King Ranch Casserole.

I am so domestic.

But it really wasn't that cold today - it was in the upper 70s when I started my ride today, gorgeous day, and when I finished an hour and 20 minutes later, it was in the upper 60s.

Now, looking at the clock, it's 9:20 p.m. and it's 54 degrees Fahrenheit. I guess that's technically cold for these here parts.

I need to stop talking like a farmer. Amor told me the other day my Texas accent is getting more pronounced. Why now? Ugh.


I've got to go. I'm frickin' STARVING and the King Ranch Casserole's aroma is the BOMB. Here I come to gitcha, King Ranch Casserole!

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