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2006-12-14 - like a record, baby

Gathered from my comments box, these are the questions that make the world go round...

dom - And what's in a King Ranch Casserole anyway?

First you make a sauce with butter, garlic, flour, chicken stock, milk and sour cream. You pour that in layers with shredded, roasted chicken, sauteed mushrooms, onion, and red bell pepper, roasted poblano, corn tortillas, and lots and lots of cheddar cheese. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes in a casserole dish. Store leftovers in tupperware, yes.

derrick - 2006-12-14 09:40:56
tupperware and send me some of that casserole. is there actual ranch dressing in there? =p

There is not ranch dressing in there. But I bet you could put some in there if you wanted to. Ranch dressing is good in EVERYTHING. (Yes, I'm one of those disgusting people that dips their pizza in ranch dressing - the first time I did that, it changed my life forever.)

becks - 2006-12-14 09:56:12
What exactly is this King Ranch Casserole I've heard tell about?

Nice farmerspeak.

Lily - 2006-12-14 10:45:43
You and your insane biking ways.

Thank you for seeing me for who I truly am! :)


I got off work early today to go try to sell my stupid books back, I had 2. Neither of them would they take back. Figures.


Tonight Amor got off of work! It was a suprise. We're going to finally unbox our Jesusmas tree and decorate it! I'm baking molasses spice cookes. For dinner we're having leftover King Ranch Casserole (stored in tupperware.) The mood is yuletide sparklie. On Donner, on Blitzen, on Chuy, c'mon 'Berto! (Remember that Cheech and Chong Christmas recording they play on the radio every year about how Santa makes himself really small with magic dust? I love that.)

I'm more excited about Xmas this year than I've been in a long while! So much stuff to do! So many parties to go to - well not really. I've got one Saturday and that's the only one I've been invited to.

I bought our nephews gifts that are too expensive, more than we can afford, but how could I not? They're our friggin' nephews! I love their little selves so much, they are the BOMB. They live a plane-ride away.


Gotta go. Cool, Xmas-themed evening with Amor ahead...

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