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2006-12-31 - five points if you can find the double negative

It's New Year's Eve!

I plan on utilizing our city's lovely public transport system tonight for my wayward galavanting. Word!

I totally slept in this morning with Amor, I was in bed 11 hours. Confounding - isn't it - what with my track record with sleep and what have you.


My new year's resolutions include:

1. reading books

2. riding my bike from Houston to Austin in April

3. creating a person within my body (preferably after April)

4. rediscovering the joy of living life without the schoolmonkey on my back...

GOD, I feel so friggin' liberated and HAPPY! I mean, it's been so easy to smile, laugh, walk like I just don't care, for reals, since I've been finished. I feel beautiful again, on the inside.

Granted, I'm still struggling with my anger problem, of course. I was freaking out the other evening after I came home from work, in a foul mood, only God knows why. I had planned on cleaning the apartment, Amor was home, I get all weird and possessive about cleaning, it's absolutely not based in reality. Normal people don't not want help with cleaning...I'm not normal. So, I'm going to tell you what happened - Amor had to leave the apartment, he really did. He'd had it. We plan on going back to counseling, yeah.

But that's what life's about sometimes, the rollercoaster ride. I mean, we both know we love each other, in the end, we know that. Everyone's insane a little bit, they are. I mean, we're not all fucking robots, do you want a world full of robots? Damn, I make this world a little bit more INTERESTING, granted, with a little insanity to go with it... Seal said it - "but we're never gonna survive unless, we are a little crazy"

I like that song. And so do you.

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