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2007-01-01 - palpable thrill kill

After 16 years of drinkin, I FINALLY have found a mixed drink that I like and am able to consume all night long without puking my guts out: Jim Beam and Diet Coke.


I wasn't with Amor last night, I went out with a cool-ass very-potential friend. She's heard of Fugazi - and likes them. I rarely meet people nowadays that have heard of them, and much more, like them. We'll see. I'll call her Candee. She's in, as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, I drank a bundle and got wasted and used public transportation and froze my ass off last night.

I kissed a six foot one inch tall lesbian around midnight, downtown.

Amor called me at midnight (he was working) to tell me the usual salutations and then we said our drunken goodbyes, and then as the phone's parting with my ear, I hear him yell out at me, "Wait! Don't hang up! Acorn, let's make this year a better one."

Me too. I'm in.


I had to work a little bit today. I didn't show up until after noon, god bless my soul.

Jim Beam and Diet Coke didn't give me a hangover.


So far today, I've spent it lounging around with Amor. I made mimosas with leftover Spanish sparkling wine and some fresh squeezed orange and pineapple juice - Am I in a good mood or what?!

And since we didn't get to eat them at midnight, some blackeyed peas I cooked yesterday and cornbread to go with it. For good luck. The blackeyes peas, that is.

And listening to our old vinyl - we bought ourselves a new record player for xmas, some of my vinyl I haven't listened to in 10 years. My favorite? My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult: Confessions of a Knife.

Ah, vinyl. It's so palpable.


4:58 p.m.

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