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2007-01-12 - Get out of my house, bitch!

Man, I got problems.

Health issues, I won't go into too much detail. I finally went to the doctor last Friday who sent me to a specialist this Tuesday. God! To make a long story short, I have mechanical problems with my body that, one opinion has told me that I'll either elect to have surgery or learn to live with the problem for the next 60 years, because I plan on living until I'm 92.


So anyway, I'm in the running to get lots of second opinions and/or find a good surgeon.

I live in pain, daily. It sucks. But thank GOD this is not a life-threatening issue, and things could be a lot worse.

People on diaryland don't talk about health issues, do they?


Anyway, other than that, things are good.

Amor and I have been really loving to each other this past month or so and it's really, really comforting and nice to have him as my husband. Blissful, even. Dare I say that?

But the other night we were on the way to hang out with my NEW FRIEND Candee and I was laying into him because I was all ready, and waiting for him to get his metrosexual ass ready so we could go out the door - turned out we were only 6 minutes late, but I was flipping out. I hate being late - I'm part German, you know.

But in the end it turned out to be not a big deal that we were late, we had a nice dinner at a restaurant, and later went bowling. My first game I bowled a 64 and the second game I bowled a 139.

Candee and I were discussing how we both felt like the first time we hung out was like a first date, and we were both apprehensive about what the other would think - exactly what you said, Rae!

Candee's a really cool chick, and we'll just see what the hell happens! She makes me laugh, yo!

Speaking of laughing, did anyone happen to see Craig Ferguson last night? My all-time favorite skit he does is Access Extratainment with Barney Slash, it's fucking hilarious and insane, and he doesn't do it that often. Well, Barney Slash was on last night, YES! Go here and click on the video "Donald Trump vs. Rosie". (My favorite part is when the midget says, while holding a crack pipe, Get out of my house, bitch!) Hmmm - I just clicked on that link myself and it seems that the video is not in its original entirety.

And speaking of the Donald and Rosie, I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE celebrity gossip. There, I admitted it. I love it.


Oh, and I have to comment on Bush's speach and say, WHAT THE FUCK - ARE YOU INSANE?

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