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2007-01-20 - long soaks

Last night I hung out with Candee and her new boyfriend, who is from Scotland. I was in heaven all night because I just LOVE his accent, my God. She is a fun friend, I must say. She likes to text message.

I ate a hummus pizza with a Boddington's beer. There were calamata olives on top, of the pizza, that is. And grated carrots, and fresh parsley. Not too much parm cheese, which is OK by me.

Tonight, however, I hung out with Francis. She and Candee are polar opposites. Candee's memory of being wild is doing 'shrooms in college. Francis' memory of being wild is riding her bike in the rain. I love the contrast.

My world is becoming more complete in my quest to make friends and be less judgemental, watching out for flaky freaks who hurt my feelings. Yet, I'm less guarded, these days.

Amor and I are fucking AWESOME lately. I'm not obsessing about our sleeping situation: he's on more of a normal schedule with his new job -----> he goes to sleep with me and wakes up with me more nights than not. Wednesday night we both crashed on the couch together at 11:30, we were trying our damnedest to stay awake for Craig, but it didn't happen. We woke up at 3 in the morning, overhead lights on, heads on opposite sides of the couch, our legs and feet all intertwined. I can't explaine how glorious it was to wake up and realize that I had (for once) discarded my normally-anal outlook on sleep (i.e. having to be in the bed, all the lights off, covers arranged just so, ack, someone please free me from the lifelong oppression of anal-retentiveness pertaining to sleep), it was really liberating to pull myself out of the couch-cushions, pull Wade out of the couch-cushions and weave our way down the hall, hand-in-hand, and collapse into our bed without regard to the arrangement of the covers, etcetera. I just wanted to be as close to his body as possible, and slip back into slumber. Which I did. Ahhhhhhhhh....... Sweet surrender.

Then the alarms woke me up at 6:50. We've got my alarm, Amor's alarm, and Amor's phone-alarm. It's a morning ritual. I yell at him to turn his alarms off. Again and again. It's fucking hilarious. He's not a morning person at all. We love our snooze buttons. All three of them.


Anyway, as I was saying, Francis and I hung out together tonight. We had Asian, as usual. We always have Asian when we hang out. We ordered edamame as an app, plus some seaweed salad. I got the "tofu steak" with mashed potatoes. Yes, mashed potatoes at a Japanese fusion restaurant and they were badass. She got the grilled oysters, only I don't think they were grilled, and the soft-shell crab roll. We mixed and matched our entrees and apps, as we always do. I had a beer, she didn't. She did the cleanse a week ago, and she's keeping her body pristine, I suppose. I've been doing the cleanse juice a few times this past week instead of dinner. I wake up feeling all newbiefied and lighter.

Then we went to get some bubble tea and I had caffeine. I'm about off the caffeine again, allowing myself once or twice a week to consumption. I'll probably be up late tonight. Prolly why I'm so frickin chatty tonight.


I did turbo-jam again tonight. I haven't been on my bike! It's been all cold and rainy this whole week. I have a group ride this Sunday, it better not fucking rain. I need a good 35+ mile ride. C'mon sunshine!


I've been making reading a priority over the internet this whole week. I'm really into my scifi book. It's getting to a point in the story where it's all complicated and horror-like, it's freaking me out! What I love about reading (recreationally), and I'd forgotten this, is how time just FLIES as I'm reading. I get completely consumed in the story, I leave the current world I'm occupying.

It relaxes me.

Which brings me to my next point:

Read on -----> I've been logging my blood pressure this whole week, and it looks like my high blood pressure is related to stress, and also caffeine consumption. SO, I've been putting more effort into RELAXATION and caffeine-avoidance. I've been trying to take long soaks in the tub, sitting calmly at work instead of running around ALL the time, kinda like time-outs, reading, breathing awareness. This is proving to be VERY difficult. I've put myself into such a state, it's like, so difficult to pull myself away from these physical loops I've made myself fall into.

There's more to my life than the habits I'm currently in that stress me out. I'm recognizing this, that, and the other.

It's 12:51 and my hubby's on his way home, g'day!

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