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2007-01-23 - looking for satellites

Man, dland's all wonky lately, I've had to sign-in, like, 5ive times.


Well-ah, I last updated Saturday. It's now Tuesday. How has Acorn been?

Sunday I went on a 16-mile group ride with my team. I met new people. New people always like my hair, because it's badass. Where'd you get it cut? They say.

Sixteen miles for me is nothin, now. I need more miles, give me more.

This morning I got out of bed intentionally at 4:15 and went to a spin class at the Y with my six foot one inch tall lesbian (Sfoitl) friend for an hour and fortyfive minutes. Man, the first half I just 'bout DIED. I was questioning my existence on this planet. Was this sort-of behavior really necessary at 5ive in the morning? Then my high personal fitness level kicked in and I started rocking, as best as I could seeing how it was my first spin class EVER. It was cool, the instructor turns the lights off aside from white xmas lights around the walls where the wall meets the ceiling and plays techno music and KMFDM.

I may go back again with her Thursday. I expect to be very sore in the a.m. tomorrow.


You're just not going to believe this:

I mean, you're really, really not....

I'm in communication with my prof again. We may do a poster session at a convention in September. My GOD, what the fuck's wrong with me? I wrote to him last Friday (it was my idea), he responded extremely cordially and asked me how it felt to have my degree. I need to write him back and get the ball rolling to submit my abstract and all that shit.


I really, really don't think this is going to be a bad experience. This sort of activity will benefit us both.


I've kinda made this New Year's resolution to myself to not make the internet my default for an extracurricular activity. I'm reading books instead, and hanging out with people like Candee, Francis and Wade, and all their satellite friends, as available.

So sometimes I don't update for 2wo, 3hree, or 4our days.

I do keep up with my fellow diarists, yes, I'm talking to YOU.


I got this link from Retailharlot.

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