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2007-02-15 - spin the wheel

I am a machine. I feel like Neo. Hell yes.

I got up this morning at 4:30 and did my 90 minute spin class before work. Put in 8 & 1/2 hours at my job. Then after work did my hot yoga for 90 minutes.

My spin class kicks my ass every time.

I have to put all my clothes and towels in the laundry upon arrival home after every yoga class - everything gets soaked, it's insane. I sweat SO much. Today's class was really, really good - it was my seventh. It seriously kicked my ass, was really humid in the room, the heat was really penetrating. Some of the classes have been easier. Last Friday I went at 6 in the morning, that was a trip.

Proper hydration is my friend.

The days I do spin and then yoga in the evening, well, my legs hurt, but not in a bad way. It's amazing the things I can push my body to do. I'm doing these backbends all crazygonuts - I used to do gymnastics in junior high, and in the hot yoga environment, well, I think I've got some far-fetched muscle memory poking through my 32-year-old body's movements. It's really, really amazing.

I come out of class all dewy and mentally disjointed, but clear-headed, if that makes any sense. Like I spun the wheel of life, and it's still spinning, although slowing down, but about to fall on a really good prize on the wheel. One night last week I came home and listened to Enya's Shepherd Moons.


Friends update:

Candee is my friend, still. It's just that she got a new boyfriend the same time that she became my friend, so guess who's getting put on the side: me. But that's OK, we still hang out every now and then.

Sfoitl - she and I still do the spin class together, but she just does the first 45 minutes. She's not hardcore like me.

Francis - she and I are going to a party tomorrow night. I'm not drinking because I have to ride the following morning. Also, I'm the designated driver, and her life will be in my hands.


I've given my health ailment a lot of thought. I went to the doctor again 2 weeks ago and he said that surgery is the ultimate option, unless I want to live in pain for the rest of my life, uh, no thanks. Consertive measures were tried, to no avail.

So, when am I going to get surgery? It will entail taking a week off work and then lots and lots of addictive pain meds for a month or so, then weaning myself off the addictive pain meds. Well, I've decided to put off the surgery until after the MS15O, which is in April. I haven't officially decided with my doc, but in my mind, it's going to be April 27th. We'll see. I'm not afraid of the surgery. I'm afraid of the weaning myself off the addictive pain meds. If anyone can do it, I can. I'm a very disciplined, determined individual.

My teeth need to get flossed and brushed, then my ass needs to get to bed. I've had a long day.

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