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2007-02-14 - VD

I got up at 6 this morning, was at work by 7 for that stupid meeting I have every Wednesday at 7:30. I was really pissed off because it was so freezing cold in the room where the meeting was held. The meeting was almost two hours! I kept getting more and more pissed off as the frigid minutes ticked by. I was all like, "Goddamn! It's cold in here!"

So I wasn't in a good mood the rest of the day because once I catch a chill, I can never shake it.

Anyway, they were passing out these red heart cookies today at work that tasted like a mixture of red dye and glue. They were disgusting. So I told the guy (who also happens to be the CEO) "You might as well just go up the street to the duck pond and feed those to the ducks. Those cookies are gross."

Man, I was in a pissy mood.

After I got off work, I got in a better mood.

I took my bike to a bikeshop to preregister for a groupride this weekend (53 miles), and also bought some new tires: slicks. FINALLY! So I was on my way home, called my bikefriend, DR, and had a bite to eat with him at the grocery store. Then we put on my new tires - it was a bit of a bitch. My maiden voyage with them will be Saturday morning, unless a miracle occurs and I'm able to ride my bike Friday.

Today I'm not working out at all, and it feels weird.

I did clean the apartment, though. It was really needing it.


Listen, I'm about to hit you up for some sweet moolah...

I have to earn $400 for the MS15O by March, and so far I have $290. This ride I'm doing, along with 13,000 other riders (approx. 182 miles in two days, from Houston to Austin), will collect money for multiple sclerosis, you know, research, treatment, etc. If you might be interested in donating to me specifically, I have an elink I can share with you, if you email me at acornotravez at hut male dot com. I would really appreciate it, you know I would. But if you don't that's totally cool, no sweat, I will not get upset or even give it a second thought, seriously. I think it's a little weird asking people for money, but it's for a good cause.

Well, I've got to get up in 5 hours for my spin class. Good night.

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